Comprehensive Indoor and Outoor Fitness Training

My name is Jeff Archibald, CES.  I am a comprehensive fitness trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist, certified by both the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).   I’m also a kinesiology major and physical therapy aide.  I started in 1990 as an athletically based performance trainer for serious athletes.  Today, I teach corrective conditioning for sports performance and injury prevention.  I also specialize in senior training and post-physical therapy rehabilitation for all ages.

me on Whistler w lift behindI spend a lot more time outdoors than I do in a gym.  Whistler/Blackcomb, B.C.

Available for In-Home Training and two gym options in West LA; discount shared training and outdoor group sessions available.

Please contact me directly for information:

310 890 6783 (24 hour messages)
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Please send me any fitness/health related questions  – no charge.


11567 Santa Monica Blvd
West LA     90025
(just west of the 405 ~ Santa Monica Blvd @ San Federal)

ROCKREATION – Indoor Rock Climbing  (great for mature kids 8 +)
11866 La Grange Ave   90025
(near Bundy @ Olympic)

The 4th Street Stairs in Santa Monica.
Also hiking, trail running, Mtn & road biking the many wonderful mountain trails and roads that are located just 10 minutes north of the Brentwood, Santa Monica and Palisades areas.  There are dozens of beautiful trails & roads in Malibu as well, just have to drive a bit further.


Me stretching Bob at ProTrain

Weightlifting is a must to stay strong and active; yet, mobility and stability are a priority for all ages and fitness levels.

William on ball at ProTrain

Posture correction is a must for all.



This is ‘Bouldering’… if you like a good challenge, there is nothing harder.  If you are an advanced climber looking for a climbing guide, please send me an email and I will connect you with the best in CA.


Rockreation - arch pic

Rockreation in West LA.

I have several clients who are avid indoor rock climbers (quite safe).

Lauren climbing

Indoor rock climbing is extremely safe and a lot of fun for ages 5 + (full body harnesses for small children) and is great for adults of all abilities.

Caroline climbing

There are beginner walls that are no more challenging than climbing a ladder.  For the more adventurous there is also a full arch climb and a bouldering area.

I also inspire everyone to try….



I can not stress what a waste of time and energy that all ‘stationary’ indoor cardio can be. 

Yes,  ‘stationary’ cardio is better than sitting on the couch and is acceptable if you can absolutely not get outside.  However, ‘stationary’ cardio will never create the real results that most people would like to see.  And, please note, the treadmill is a horrible invention (very bad for your body over time).   Please contact me if you would like a full explanation with many links to multiple scientific studies.

There is no substitute for REAL OUTDOOR EXERCISE.

Sullivan Ridge above Santa MonicaSullivan Ridge is just north of Santa Monica.

Los Angeles has countless wonderful areas with amazing weather year round… so stop making excuses and get outside!

The 4th Street Stairs in Santa Monica are great when short on time and the Santa Monica Mountains have hundreds of miles of low traffic roads cyclists and great trails for ages and abilities.

I offer outdoor fitness training and ‘just for fun’ trail guiding for running, hiking and road & mtn bike riding; great for individuals or groups up to 12 people.

Please see TRAINING OPTIONS for more information.

Plateau of Zuma Ridge Hike in MalibuPlateau of the Zuma Ridge Hike in Malibu (top of Busch Dr. near Zuma Beach).

Free Directions to the Local Trails
Brentwood, Palisades, Topanga, Malibu and more ~ great for running, hiking, walking and mountain biking.  Just send an email with the subject ‘Trails’.

I am always inspired by how a simple commitment to living a healthy lifestyle permanently changes peoples lives for the better.   It does not matter who you used to be or what condition you are in now… the only thing that matters is, “do you want to be healthy in the future?”.

Please visit my Contact Page to schedule a time to discuss training options and to answer any questions.

Free Referrals to Health Professionals – find the best physical therapists, nutritionists, yoga instructors, massage therapists, chiropractors, and orthopedic doctors in the greater Los Angeles area (and Vail, CO too).

The backside of the Santa Fe Ski area

The backside of the Santa Fe Ski area, New Mexico.