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Steep trail up HC enhancedMt. of the Holy Cross near Vail, CO.

Busch Hill enhancedZuma Ridge (Busch Dr.) single track just above Zuma Beach in Malibu.

Grace full row - croppedResistance training is essential for all ages and abilities.

Westridge group tower - croppedFun group hikes for all abilities.  San Vicente Mountain Park (aka NIKE Tower) has amazing 360 views of the city and is a piece of LA & US Military History (check it out on Google).  Located at the end of Westridge Fire Road where it meets Dirt Mulholland.

Yoga DennisDennis Chavis lost over 90 lbs. in 15 months (we were good friends after the workouts).

Westridge Single Track - Feb 2004The Westridge single track is a fun and challenging hike.  10 minute drive just north of West LA.  Please email me for directions and trail advice.

me on HC Half Moon Pass 2004Mt. of the Holy Cross (near Vail, CO) is a true test of fitness; elevation is 14,005 ft.  Power hiking the Santa Monica Mountains can prepare your legs and lungs for a challenging and amazing hike to the top of the Rocky Mountains.

Grace on back - croppedHip extensions are a great exercise for counteracting the negative affects of sitting at a desk all day.  Helps to stabilize the core and restore full functional ROM to the gluteal and hamstring muscles.

me on rock on Pitkin TrailThe Pitkin Trail Hike in the East Vail Valley is just one example of the many beautiful valleys approaching the Gore Range.  I take small groups to CO every summer for unforgettable Rocky Mountain adventure vacations.

Terry & Karl on Lions Head w HCMt biking is a way of life in Vail, CO.  Mt of the Holy Cross in the background.

Karl down on Meadow TrailThis is a typical summer day in the Vail Valley.  Meadow Mtn single track with the Vail ski area in the background.

HC Steep Rock Field w AshleyFunctional training in the gym correlates to real world environments like hiking up & down the boulder field just below the summit of Holy Cross.

SnowslideSliding down a mountain is a lot more fun than walking.

The misty mountain top of Zume Ridge; Busch Dr. in Malibu.Zuma Ridge climbs up to 2,800 ft. above sea level.

100_0411Kenter trail is just north of West LA (background).

Busch Dr.  First Big hill in springThe first big hill of Zuma Ridge single track.  There is an easy, parallel fire road for all levels to enjoy the same hike.  This trail is only a 45 minute drive from West LA.

Brighton Ski Resort; Salt lake City, UTThe Brighton Ski Resort near Salt Lake City is well worth the commute.

Holy Cross from Arrowhead - croppedThis is another typical July view while hiking and mtn biking in Vail, CO.

Vail mountain biking title KarlYou can go for miles and miles on a good mtn bike.

Circa 2001

Circa 2001

Mtn biking is a fun way to get in amazing shape.

NO STEROIDS If I cut out the junk food… abs are possible.

BigAlps1024565The Dolomites of the Italian Alps.  I have not been but they’re on my bucket list.

Holy Cross Mountain in the background ~ Vail, COMtn biking is a bit of an investment but well worth it.  The fitness and the memories will last a lifetime.

Original sunset ride ScottA daily experience in the Santa Monica Mountains.

I had to quit drinking beer for this photo shoot... it was a tough week.

I had to quit drinking beer for this photo shoot… it was a tough week.